A Father Weeps After His Daughter Covers Him with Her Small Jacket: According to people magazine, Wang was one of the restaurant owners who bore the brunt of the collapsing economy during the pandemic. A fresh video that the outlet share on the Instagram account has gone viral, with many loving the touching relationship between Wang and his daughter.

A Father Weeps After His Daughter Covers Him with Her Small Jacket


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In the video, Wang cab be seen resting his head on his shoulders after resizing the menu for his restaurant. As he begins to fall asleep, his tiny daughter crawls up behind him and places her little jacket over his shoulders. The guy realizes what has transpired after his daughter has left. His daughter’s small gesture of support to her father moved the unhappy guy to tears.

The Video Touched Many People On the Internet

People commented on how the little girl’s tiny move could be exactly the medicine to mend her father’s hectic day after watching the video. Following the poignant video, as user felt compelled to support Wang’s restaurant and wrote “Where is this restaurant?? I want to go and give him business!” Despite the fact that some people were unable to find the video, “cute” and expressed their disappointment “This is not cute. It’s very sad. Good he’s raising an observant, caring child, but imagine the pressure he has been under as a business owner in this economy.”

“Not only did she place her coat but she kissed his back,” one observer observed of the young girl’s affection for her father, while another simply admired her, noting “Life is so hard and it’s so heartwarming to see kids who appreciates their parents.” ‘Too cute’ isn’t the right caption poor man struggling what is the restaurant name so we can support him?” said one user, repeating a prior irate commenter.

Meanwhile, there were many who just enjoyed the video’s affection and care “So cute, what an amazing young girl. The father must have been gone trough a very hard time, he really needed that. Not the clothe but the love and inspiration to keep him motivated.”

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