A Man with A Police Cap Robs Two Stores in The United States Because He Is Bored: A man in Florida stunned cops when he revealed the motivation for two of his crimes. The Florida man detained after police linked him to two recent robberies told cops that he committed the crime because he was bored and has an impulsive problem.

A Man with A Police Cap Robs Two Stores

A Man with A Police Cap Robs Two StoresNicolas Zapater-Lamadrid, 45, robbed an Orlando TD bank and Circle K Gas station two days apart, according to WFLA. In both crimes, the suspect was seen wearing a black cap with the word “Police” and sunglasses.

How He Executed the Robbery?

Around 9:30 AM. On Dec 5, detectives were called to the TD bank, where a teller was allegedly handed a paper with the words “Assault” and “Money” typed on it. After receiving the money, the suspect escaped on foot.

Two days later, on Dec 7, about 7 PM. At the Circle K on the 2700 Block of South Fern Creek Avenue, the second offence was committed. The accused handed the clerk a typed letter that said “Give me all the money and a pack of 305’s 100’s please.”

Following his arrest, he told the Orlando Police Department that he committed the act because he was “bored.”

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