A Man Attempting to Fly a Plane While Riding a Bicycle: A video of group of individuals working on flying bicycle is trending on social media. A Twitter user, tweeted a short video on Sunday. It featured a man attempting to fly by riding a bicycle within a transparent box attached to airplane- like wings.

A Man Attempting to Fly a Plane While Riding a Bicycle

“This guy just tried to fly a plane while riding a bicycle! Talk about multi-tasking!” the user wrote in the caption of the post which has accumulated more than 169,000 views and over 6300 likes.

The Brief Video Showed a Clear Square Enclosure Supported by Plane-Like Wings and Fans

The brief video showed a clear square enclosure supported by plane-like wings and fans, with person inside pedaling a bicycle. A man can also be seen jogging alongside the improvised aircraft as the cyclist inside gains pace. Second later, the machine is seen taking flight, ostensibly using the power generated by cycling, and it remains in the air for some time before hitting to the earth

The Video Has Gone Viral On Social Media Since It Was Shared

The video has gone viral on social media since it was shared. “Good…but needs more Power..not possible with only human feet..good effort and design.. needs some engine or electric motor,” one user commented. “I think this can work. Only a small change in the gears should do the trick,” said another person. “Let the Man-Rider Sprout Wings as he speeds along and flies in abandon and with no hurdles to his imagination.!!!” A third said. “It would have been better to use an electric motor instead of cycling, “fourth remarked.

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