The Internet Is Surprised as A Man Plays Football with Lions: We have always been trained to be cautious and vigilant when visiting wildlife sanctuaries and animal care facilities. They will respond if you treat them with love and respect. These wild creatures have also adapted to human behavior such as consuming whipped cream and cake pops over the years. An old video of a man playing football with a lion and a lioness has just gone viral on the internet.

A Man Plays Football with Lions

The man can be seen in the video wearing a blue suit and black sneakers and playing football with three huge cats. The wild creature may be seen kicking around the ball with its paws. As he kicks the ball, the lion and lioness can be seen enjoying themselves and running toward it.

Instagram Users Responded to The Video in The Comments Section with Red Heart emojis

Instagram users responded to the video in the comments section with red heart emojis. “Aww so sweet to see them playing like that and not eating the ref.” Another person commented, “That looks like so much fun.” Many users said, “Amazing.”

The footage was first posted online in 2014. According to, Kevin Richardson, a South African man called the lion whisperer, claimed to have a particular affinity with lions. He enjoys getting to know them over time and has even lived with them before. Since it was shared, the video has received over 95,000 views.

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