A Dog Runs After a Crocodile but What Happens Next Will Make You Shiver: Surprising videos of nature and wild animals are frequently shared on social media platforms. There are numerous clips of predators and prey available on the internet. On social media a video of a dog chasing a crocodile relaxing beside a lake while a little dog chases it down. The crocodile looks chilling on the land after a few frames, while the dog barks and rushed behind the alligator.

A Dog Runs After a Crocodile

However, The Third Time Was Not the Charm for The Dog

However, the third time was not the charm for the dog. This time the dog approaches the reptile and begins barking at it. In a fraction of a second, the crocodile snatches the dog by the neck and drags it inside the lake. The dog’s owner can be heard screaming in the background.

Since Its Release the Video Has Received Over 50,000 Views and Countless Comments

The video’s caption stated, “Fking retard owners.”

Users of the microblogging site are reacting to the horrible footage by blaming the owner for neglecting their pet. “The gater got few chances to size the pet. Can you respect stupidity when the cost is high?” one user commented.

“That Croc was waiting, finally said enough is enough. Set that dog up. Great Job Owner (sic).” Another person stated

“It was bound to happen eventually, enjoy your lunch gator!” another online surfer added.

“I saw this a while back and the anger I felt inside is beyond expression. That poor dog.” Another person said.

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