Marvel Comics, and Marvel cinematic universe, both are amazing and filled with wonders. But with the recent release of the marvel what if series, this studio has set the bar even higher than before (watch out DC).

Truth be told, we all think what if this had happened, what if Iron man had done this, what if the black widow had gone there, this and that, there is no end to this list. And with this new marvel what if series, many of our questions are answered.

However, there are many more “What If(s)” yet to be seen on the big screen. In this blog, we will be going through some of those. So, I have brought for you 5 marvel what-if comics’ stories, that will leave you craving for more.

With this being said, let’s get into it:

1. The Fantastic Four Have No Powers

It’s been seen time and time again, that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero ( no, we aren’t talking about batman). But as this stands, the majority of our childhood marvel heroes like Fantastic Four have powers, right?

But what if they didn’t?

This Marvel what if the story shows, how different Fantastic Four’s life would have been if they weren’t so keen on exploring space. It shows that they would grow a large and successful business empire, as well as an intergalactic research facility. Now, how cool is that?

And this isn’t even the best apart. They would defeat a space monster, not through their superpowers, but their combined intelligence. As it turns out, they are superheroes even without their superpowers.

2. Phoenix Didn’t Pass Away

Many fans of the X-Men Comics were left in shock then, Jean Gray died. It’s safe to say, the feeling was shared by her fellow X-Men as well.

Now, this is one of those what if, that am glad didn’t happen. Because when you learn what had happened if Jean (The Phoenix) didn’t die, you will be glad too.

As one might expect, Jean starts to lose control of her power “The Phoenix” and slowly turns into something completely else. This is when she would start hurting people close to her because that’s who Phoenix is, right?

Kitty Pryde is one of the first ones she kills. But this is just This what-if’s trailer. It’s safe to say, her death was a worthy sacrifice.

3. Spider-Man Doesn’t Fight Crime

Every Spiderman fan knows that with great power comes great responsibility. And this is what our friendly neighborhood Spiderman is known for, fighting crimes, and keeping NYC.

But like we all saw before peter became what he is today, he tried to earn some money with his power. It was only after the death of Uncle Ben that he decides to become “spidey”.

This marvel What If the story has quite a different take on this.

Here, our spidy takes a different path in life. Instead of fighting crime, he decides to become a superstar. And not to our surprise, he let the fame and money get to his head. Thus, it’s quite some wait before, he realizes his true purpose and becomes our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Regardless, whether you are a fan of Spider-man comics or not, this What If Comic is a must-read.

4. Hulk Smart, Bruce Not

Bruce Banner, and Hulk as we knew them, are the smart ones and the Strong ones, respectively. But here we are discussing What if, so let’s flip the situation.

In this story, Bruce in his human form is an angry little man, and the hulk is the brains. It’s confusing, and it’s amazing.

Watching our peaceful Bruce behave oppositely, it quite a ride to say the least. But since everything is the other way around, Bruce isn’t the nice guy we know and doesn’t treat Betty, how he used to.

This What If a story is a sad one, to say the least.

5. Captain America Never Gets Frozen

I saved the best one for the last.

We have all seen the origin story of the first avenger. He gets frozen in ice only to be brought back to the world of living a whole age after. Needless to say, his life changes completely in this new world.  

But What If……. Captain America never gets frozen. Well, well, now we are talking some Peak-friction.

Both Steve and Avengers are different. Since Cap stayed in his original timeline, he goes on to become the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. after the demise of our one-eyed friend Nick Fury.

This what-if story yet again proves that Steve was born to be a leader, no matter which timeline he stays in. While a glimpse of this story was seen in MCU when he went back in time, but this is a different thing.

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