A video of two human-like creatures on top of a hill on an island in Brazil is gaining popularity on social media. It has created a buzz about aliens visiting Earth. According to a New York Post report, the entities were 10-foot tall and were discovered on Ilha do Mel, an island more than three kilometers off the coast of Southeast Brazil. The second one was standing nearby, according to the outlet. Their arrival on the mountaintop attracted interest among residents, who stated that it is tough to access, with the bushes just reaching their knees.

The Entities Were Observed Waving Their Arms In A Human-Like Manner

According to the Post, the entities were observed waving their arms in a human-like manner, but eyewitnesses were unsure whether they were human.

“It’s too big to be a person,” one resident says in the video, according to JB Litoral’s translation.

“Look at the way he moves, it’s really weird! Look at the size… and it’s very fast,” added another.

The video comes only days after footage of several individuals claiming to see a 10-foot-tall alien strolling through a Miami mall went viral.

The Most Recent Footage Was Released On Numerous Social Media Platforms

The most recent footage was released on numerous social media platforms, including Instagram, and stunned users.

“For me it’s enough to see the speed with which this creature goes down the hill. Anyone who has done trails on hills like this knows that you don’t go down a hill like this in 1-2 minutes,” said one Instagram user.

“The way they move reminds a lot of the Men in Black critters,” another person stated.

“One thing I do know… I will never step there again,” a third user remarked.

Even Brazil’s provincial government joined in the fun online, but it did not confirm whether the statistics were tourists.

“Surreaaaaaaal what happened on Ilha do Mel!!! Great Summer at Parana is another story and even “strange beings” came to check it out,” the state administration of Parana stated on X.

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