Loch Ness Monster doesn’t need an introduction. This thing, or myth, is quite well known throughout the world.

You can just search the name Loch Ness monster, and there will be thousands of pictures, posts, news, article both decades olds, and from yesterday. This is enough to tell you; this monster is a big deal.

But no one knows what it is. Maybe just a myth, or a prehistoric Dinosaur creature living hidden away. No one knows.

If you are new to this “thing”, you might be wondering why it is called Loch Ness Monster? This is Because this monster was first (and always) seen in Loch Ness. It’s a freshwater Loch, in Scottish Highlands. 

The majority of People think Loch Ness is an urban Legend, like Slender men, or one of many Creepypasta, or even an SCP. However, that is not the case.

The first siting of Loch Ness Monster happened long before urban legends came into being. It was so long ago, no technology existed, and neither did books, or large cities. Yeah, it’s that old.

Sit back in your chair, and relax, as I am going to take you through a tale of an ancient monster. No, see for yourself.

Colum Cille was born in the year 521. He was the grandson of Irish King Niall. And this is where the story of the Loch Ness Monster Starts.

As per the historians, Colum Cille is the one who brought Christianity to Scotland. In the year 563, he settled in the Isle of Iona and established a community there. Since then, dozens of monarchs were buried at the same place.

Coming back to the story itself, it was two years after Colum arrived in Scotland, that this incident happened. He was doing what missionaries do, traveling and preaching, spreading the word of god.

On August 22nd, 565, he reached Loch Ness. And as per the Scotsman, Colum here saw, a man swimming in the lake. But this is not what concerns us. We are interested in the thing that Colum saw swimming behind that man.

Yes, you guessed it right, it was the monstrous creature, we today know as Loch Ness Monster. As one might assume, the monk banished the monster to the depths of the lake by invoking the word of God, making it the first-ever sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. 

Colum Cille is the same monk, who later came to know as St. Columba. And this incident is still tingling people’s spidey sense.

There is debate about the authenticity of the story, but people today question everything. Some of the historians say this story was written a century after the incident. In any case, this Monster is ancient. 

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