Cork yoga mats are easier to clean and take so less effort to make it new again. Cork yoga mats are made up of cork oak trees and every 9 years, the cork is stripped from the branches of the tree to use for several purposes. Cork is used in making wine stoppers, fashion, and is extensively used in yoga mats. People use yoga mats for ages for their anti-bacterial qualities like if any of the bacteria enter the mat but it will be so hard for them to survive there. Cork mats are prone to bacteria. Using a cork yoga mat is comfortable but it also needs a clean process and here we have added some details for how to clean cork yoga mat.

Here in this blog, we are going to solve some of your queries like how to clean my cork yoga mat, cork yoga mat care, how to the deep clean cork yoga mat, how to get stains out of cork yoga mat, and also you can find cork yoga mat cleaner recipe and how to roll up a cork yoga mat. We will try to address you with all the details and information.

How to Clean My Cork Yoga Mat?

We have added some of the techniques which can be used for cleaning cork yoga mat. The easiest way to clean your cork yoga mat is gently wiped it with the help of a soft wet towel or a soft sponge.

How to the Deep Clean

You can use water and vinegar mixture, add 3 parts and 1-part vinegar with the 1 drop of essential oil and spray it all over the mat and in the last wipe it with the clean soft cloth and let it dry for some time.

Cork Yoga Mat Care – DIY Cork Yoga Mat

Try to avoid using chemicals and other mat cleaners to clean your cork yoga mat they can damage your mat. Don’t use excess water while cleaning the mat it may damage your mat design and color. The yoga mat must be dry and should be properly roll-up.

How to Get Stains Out of Cork Yoga Mat?

The best way to clean the stains of your cork yoga mat is to clean it with cold water and a clean cloth. You can try yoga mat cleaner or use the dishwashing liquid and warm water sprays on hard to remove stains. The process must be done with proper care as the use of chemicals and water may ruin the texture and color of the mat.

What is Cork Yoga Mat Cleaner Recipe?

  • Vinegar/ Hazel and Water and essential Oil recipe
  • Dishwasher liquid and Warm Water Recipe

These are the two recipes that can be used to clean the cork yoga mats. Always try to avoid the chemicals and chemicals used by cleaners to clean your yoga mat. We suggest you clean your mat with a soft towel and water.

How to Roll Up

There is no famous technique to roll up the cork yoga mat, you can easily roll it up with the top side on the outside of the mat. Rolling your yoga mat with proper technique will roll out flat and nice whenever you use it.

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