Bed Bugs are strong creatures and can easily withstand every temperature, they move so fast and come to existence in the night, due to their flat body structure they can easily hide in cracks and ceilings. Bed bugs are so good at surviving without food so do you know how long can bed bugs live without food?

Bed bugs live without feeding for a year they even don’t need a small number of meals to live. It’s so hard to get rid of the bed bugs as they can easily hide and always find ways to feed and disappear.

In this article we are going to tell you some information about how long can bed bugs live without a food supply, how long can newly hatched bed bugs live without food, how long can bed bugs live without food in hot weather, and more details and information.

How to Identify Bed Bugs?

You can easily identify the bad bugs, below we have added some of the things which help you to identify them use preventions according to them to get rid of them.


 The unfed adults are reddish-brown, overfed bed bugs are red-brown, and nymphs are colorless.


Bed Bugs are flat oval shape creatures but when they are fed they get swollen


There are 6 legs


The adults can be ¼ Inch Long and you can find nymphs to be 1.3mm to 4 to 5 mm long.


Bed Bugs have antennas


Bed Bugs are found nearly in all regions of the United States.

Where do these Bed Bugs Live and Survive?

The surviving game of bed bugs is quite strong they can adapt to every place and easily survive the condition no matter what the temperature or condition. Bed bugs can easily survive in clothes, bags, and also in luggage.

Due to their rapid breeding, they can easily multiply and make the thing infected. How long can bed bugs live without food source? a full-grown bed bug can easily survive a year without food and if they are living in your bags, luggage and clothing then it’s not hard for them to search for food and disappear.

Generally, bed bugs live in groups or colonies and they can easily live on your furniture and carpets. Always clean your carpets and those areas where these bed bugs can be found.

How long can bed bugs live without food supply? What is their Food Supply?

Bed bugs don’t eat organic waste and food crumbs they only feed on human blood. They don’t feed on other mammals the human blood is their only food supply. It’s so important to disinfect your house from bad bugs as you and your family are the only source of food supply for them.

There is no certain time for bad bugs to come and feed on your blood, many people think that bad bugs only feed at night. Whenever they feel hungry they will come and feed on your blood. People are using multiple things to get rid of these creatures but using only the right techniques and process help you to get rid of them.

How long can bed bugs live without food? The factors involved in their survival

The biggest factor involves in the survival of bed bugs is age, five stages complete the age of bed bugs. Started from the hatchling and end to full-grown bad bugs.

During the 5 stages, bed bugs must have to be fed once and if they don’t feed under a week they can die this is the answer for how long can newly hatched bed bugs live without food.

Once they complete the age and become full-grown bed bugs they can survive more than 400 days without a food supply.

Another factor is temperature so how long can bed bugs live without food in hot weather or cold weather. Bad bugs are usually more active in hot temperatures as compared to cool temperatures. their body requires more energy in summers.

How long can baby bed bugs live without food?

A baby bed bug needs to feed once a week to molt and grow. They require a little amount of food to convert into the next stage. The adult bed bug needs to feed in between 10-12 days. Baby bed bugs take 2 to 5 minutes to feed and young bed bugs need at least 10 minutes to feed your blood.

The reaction of feeding on humans depends on sensitivity. Many people feel the stinging when bed bugs complete their feeding process and some of the people who have sensitive skin have greater reactions.

A baby bed bug can suck your blood in one best but the young bed bugs need to suck it 2-3 times to fulfill their hunger need as well as female bed bugs feed more often as compared to male bed bugs. Bed bugs generally fed on legs, arms, and torso.

What is the Population Growth of Bed Bugs?

According to research the population growth of bed bugs are quite slow as compared to other insects. Female bed bugs lay only one egg in a day and it takes 10 days to get hatched and almost 5 to 6 weeks to become a fully grown adult. It takes 3 months for a single adult female bed bug to make a colony. They grow so quietly and it’s so hard to get rid of the whole colony.

Do Cleanliness help to get rid of Bed Bugs?

I hope you get the answer to your question about how long can bed bugs live without food source but maintaining cleanliness will help you to get rid of bed bugs? no, bed bugs don’t survive on food crumbs and organic waste they survive on blood.

Cleanliness will only help you to detect them early. Detecting them will help you to get rid of them, regular cleaning will not let them make their colonies.

  • Clean your curtains, beddings, and all type of clothing in hot water and dry them properly.
  • Before vacuuming the mattress use the brush to clean them, scrub the whole mattress as it will help you to remove bedbugs and their eggs easily.
  • Use vacuum cleaner frequently to vacuum bed areas
  • Cover your mattress with cover
  • Repair all the cracks and holes to stop living them.

How to find Bed Bug Bite and how to treat it?

Bed bugs usually bite you in the night as it helps them to bite you easily. They suck blood from their beak by piercing the skin.

Most of the bed bugs bites are painless but turn up into itchy lash and also the bite does not turn red. Bed bug bites need to be disinfected using an exterminator to make them free from infection.

Use hydrocortisone and antihistamines creams to make a fast recovery. Generally, bed bug bites disappear automatically with time.  

Summing Up

According to the research, the infestation of bed bugs spread so rapidly and the reason behind the spread is urbanization. Bed bugs can easily colonize your home and live without a food supply for a year.

I hope you found our article on how long can bed bugs live without food helpful and help you to solve some of your queries.


Some FAQ

1. What are Bed bugs?

The scientific name of bed bugs is Cimex lectularius, these are small flat patristics insects that live on human blood. Bed bugs are wingless reddish-brown color insects that can be found at every hiding spot in your house.

2. Where we can find Bad bugs?

You can find bad bugs in North and South America, Africa, Asia, and also Europe. Bed bugs are spreading rapidly in Canada, the US, and the UK. They can occupy any place and can easily hide in them.

3. Do Bed Bugs spread any Disease?

No, bed bugs don’t spread disease but they are known for their annoying nature as they bite while you sleep and it’s so hard to sleep with itchy welt and infected skin. Bed bugs are not dangerous but their bite is allergic and needs medical attention.

4. How do I find I am bitten by Bed bugs?

The bite marks of bed bugs are similar to mosquitoes and the bite looks red and swollen with lots of itching and irritations.

5. How are bed bugs treated?

If you found out bed bugs in your house you must take this seriously and call a pest control company that is professionally good to treat the bed bugs in your house.


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