What Is a Doppelganger? How to Find My Doppelganger? These are the common questions that arise when you hear or see the news about celebrities that they look the same as the other person. For instance, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Emma Watson, and many other stars. Isn’t it exciting enough? Well, yes, it is!! 

If you are also thinking about yours, then read this document to know more about the doppelganger.

Doppelganger means someone or mystery people who look exactly the same as you. It is a German word that normally means the double goer or double walker. It doesn’t mean that the person will act the same like you do, walk, talk, dress, etc. We all know that there are seven faces of the same person as you. Who doesn’t want to meet a person who looks like you? Now you might be thinking about how you could get your doppelganger?? Isn’t it?? If yes, then read this document, and you will automatically get your answer!

Are you excited enough to know how to find your doppelganger? Let’s begin!!

As per the research and studies, it has been reported that doppelgangers have been found for centuries, and there is a great deal of superstition developed around them. Traditionally, many people thought that it is a kind of sinister or even evil entity. Some people also perceive the thought that seeing your doppelganger is a sign of misfortune or bad luck.

Most often today, it is not at all any sinister, evil, or any sign of bad luck. They are also normal human beings like you, so there is no point in considering your doppelganger as the wicked.

How to Find My Doppelganger? 

Like celebrities, you also have someone who looks similar to you, and the person is almost the same like you as you think. The fact is that due to your shared genetics, there are more chances to like separate cousins or ancestors instead of total strangers. Now, the question is, who do you look most like? 

Well, there is a way to find your doppelganger. Thinking How?? There’s a software – FamilySearch’s Compare-a-Face can tell you everything. All you need to do is upload a photo of yours and compare your picture with your ancestors and other relatives. It will help you find your doppelganger in only a few clicks. Let us have a look at the steps given below:

  • Open FamilySearch discovery page > click compare-a-face. You will be redirected to the signup account. If you do not have an account, you have to make it first. 
  • After signing up successfully, you need to upload a photo of yourself and compare the faces. You need to upload the pictures of your family members and then redirect to the next page. You will see the percentage of how similar you look to them.
  • You can click further to see who your family member’s doppelganger is. You need to compare the highest matching percentage as you like.

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