Bizarre Things You Can Do with Beer: Reconsider your perception of beer as merely a beverage. Beer has been produced for over 5,000 years, so it’s only natural that humans have discovered numerous other applications for it. Drinking beer is still the best thing you can do with it, there’s also a lot more.

Take a Bath in Beer

Yes, you can take a beer bath, and soak yourself in a bathtub full of beer. The beer bathing can help you to relax and calm your body.

Treat your Frizzy Hair

Dunk your finger in a beer and style your frizzy hair, this also works for your eyebrows.

Mix with Shampoo

Boil some beer to remove alcohol from it, then let it cool before mixing it with shampoo, it can be used to treat dull hair.

Good for your Feet

The cold beer can help tired feet; the gas will help them to relax.

Remove the Rust

Beer will work well to remove rusty bolts; Beer’s carbonation can be very beneficial, one of the Bizarre Things You Can Do with Beer.

Polish your Pans

Beer has long been used to polish copper vats in breweries, and you can do the same with your own utensils.

Remove Brown Spots from your Lawn

Beer fermented sugar can help kill fungi and help plants grow, pour some beer on brown spots on your lawn and see the magic.

The Beer Slide

Make sure to have one of these on hand the next time you throw a party. Instead of water, use beer.

Extinguish a Fire with Beer

Because beer is 90 to 95% water, if you are having a cold one and need to put a fire quickly, simply use beer instead of water.

Exterminate Slugs

Fill a few empty jars with beer and bury them in your garden, leaving the level of the rim with the soil. Slugs will be drawn to the beer and will drown if they fall into the jars.

Prepare the Rice

Beer can be used to cook rice. It provides a pleasant nutty taste.

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