Alain Robert, the “Human Spider” Who Climbs the World’s Tallest Buildings: Alain Robert, sometimes known as the “Human Spider” found his calling in climbing cityscapes and skyscrapers using only chalk and rubber shoes. In 2015, he set a Guinness World Record for the most building climbed – 121. He set the record successfully mounting Dubai’s Cayan Tower, which stands around 306 meters. His extraordinary journey began over three decades ago, and his first experience began in Chicago when he climbed the 42 story Citigroup Center.

Alain Robert the Human Spider

In his autobiography titled with Bare Hands “The city of Chicago had just opened a door to a whole new universe, a range of mountains of steel and glass,”

Among the tallest structures he has scaled include the Burj Khalifa, the Eiffel Tower, Sydney’s Opera House Warsaw’s Marriott Hotel, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, and others. “The Human Spider” has mastered the art of climbing using minor ridges on building walls, such as frames or window ledges.

It Places Him Under Excessive Physical Stress for Extended Periods of Time in Order for Him to Complete the Climb

However, it places him under excessive physical stress for extended periods of time in order for him to complete the climb. Alain stated to the creative process that there have been moments when he has been frightened to make a climb. But he chooses to ignore his fear every time “I can be afraid before an ascent, but I know myself actually very well. And I know that once I am starting to climb, I feel fine. I put my fear aside, and I’m just climbing,” he explained.

Alain Robert the Human SpiderHe Was Inspired to Climb Towers and Skyscrapers After Seeing The 1956 Film The Mountain

When he was eight-years-old, he was inspired to climb towers and skyscrapers after seeing the 1956 film the Mountain. However, the journey was not without difficulties. When he was younger, he admitted to being terrified and lacking self confidence most of the time. “When I was young, I was afraid of everything. I was lacking self-confidence and just wanted to be like my heroes Zorro, Robin Hood, or D’Artagnan, and I had to find a way. I had to work on it. And, actually, this is what I did,” the record holder explained.
It was afterward his desire that drove the French athlete to seek courage, and he ended up opening the door to a whole new universe for him.

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