An ancient video of a stunning waterfall in the US Yosemite National Park is resurfacing on the Internet. Due to extraordinarily high gusts, the famed waterfall turned into a streaming rainbow in the video. Incredibly strong winds encircled the waterfall, creating spray clouds as the sun rose. When the gentle beams of sunshine collided with water droplets, their bending created a glittering rainbow.

Yosemite National Park Is the 16th Biggest National Park in The US in Terms of Area

The image of the mountaintop within the park in California has earned over 13.7 million views and over 200,000 likes. Yosemite National Park is located in 4 distinct counties in California and covers around 761,747 acres, making it the 16th biggest national park in the US in terms of area.

According to Newsweek, the clip was shot by Salt Lake City-based photographer Greg Harlow, who specialized in outdoor photography and filming.

Many People Have Shot and Videotaped the Place in Recent Years

According to the News Site, the documented film from 2017 obtained at the area, which is under the authority of the National Park Service, explained “very high winds at the perfect time of day” at approx. 9 a.m. and usually heavy water for November that Year.

These special circumstances created a previously undocumented 2,400-foot rainbow waterfall,” Mr. Harlow explained in a video posted to his YouTube channel.

Many people have shot and videotaped the place in recent years.

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