A lady who thought she was in a year long relationship with Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery has stated she was duped out of $10,000 and even divorced her husband. Mckala met the fraudster on a website dedicated to Mr. Montgomery, who portrayed Billy Hargrove in the series, according to CNN Brazil. She was married at the time, and their communication progressed to the point where the woman fell in love and began believing she was speaking to the actor.

After a year, the celebrity to proposed to Mckala, an amateur actor and director.

But you have to be quiet because, you know, I’m still with Liv (Pollock, his real life partner)’, the 28-year-old stated in a YouTube video.

She stated mailing him gift cards worths hundreds of dollars. Then he begged Mckala to choose between him and her husband one day. According to CNN Brazil, she made the decision to leave her spouse in seconds.

The Scammer Also Asked for Financial Help Which Amounted to $10,000

The fraudster also requested $10,000 in financial help. He said that his fiancé was in charge of his bank accounts and hence required money.

Mckala begins to doubt the reality of their connection after a few months of not seeing her. She knew she was a victim of fraud and choose to cease communicating with him.

“Love makes you do stupid, unreasonable things. If you’re someone like me, you’re afraid of being abandoned and you’re a people pleaser… These scammers, they just come in and suck it up.”

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