What is Voluntary Life Insurance

Scoopworm is here to update you with the term voluntary life insurance, in this article we will solve all your queries and provide you descriptive information about voluntary life insurance. Our first question is what is voluntary life insurance? so lets us clear this for you it’s a type of insurance that comes with minimal requirements like if you are applying for this insurance you must be an employee who is working 30 hours per week and if your insurance is sanctioned you will get lots of benefits.

There are two types of coverage comes in Voluntary Life Insurance:

  • Voluntary Term Life
  • Voluntary Permanent life

What is Voluntary Term Life Insurance?

Voluntary term life insurance is a type of insurance that is offered to those employees who covered the term for a particular year like 1,5,10, 20 years, and employees can easily renew or cancel their policy in between the years. Talking about the premiums of this voluntary term life insurance it will increase according to your age.

What is Voluntary Spouse Life Insurance?

Voluntary spouse life insurance comes in the category of voluntary life insurance and this insurance covers the spouse of the rider with cash benefits, the spouse gets financial protection with this insurance. The employee pays the monthly installment of the insurance and unfortunately if he dies the money will be given to the spouse.

What is Voluntary Child Life Insurance?

Voluntary child life insurance is a type of financial protection given to the children of the employee after his assured death. The employee has to pay the monthly installments of the insurance to get the premiums when required.

What is Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance?

Voluntary supplemental life insurance is also called group life insurance and about 2/3rd of Americans depend on voluntary supplemental life insurance. So lets us clear you how this insurance work, the employer owns this policy, and unfortunately, if you die in the workplace which is covered by the policy then your beneficiaries will get the benefits. the benefit of the insurance will be a one-year salary or more depending on the policy

What is the Difference between Basic Life and Voluntary Life Insurance?

There are so many differences if we compare both basic life insurance and voluntary life insurance as below we have added some of the major points you must see.

Basic Life InsuranceVoluntary Life Insurance
Basic Life Insurance has limited benefits and is used as financial protection for a person.when it comes in the terms of employee benefits voluntary life insurance is best among all.
Several plans and customization options in plans and premiumsIt is less expensive
The last long insuranceWorks till the employment
No guarantee issuesHave a guarantee Issue and needs a medical checkup


What is Voluntary Life Insurance through Employer?

Voluntary life insurance comes with several advantages and disadvantages and the major reason to apply for life insurance is to provide financial help whenever needed to the employee. it’s good to have voluntary life insurance as it gives multiple benefits to employees and the beneficiaries.

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