A lady ended up dead in a park in California after being run over by a lawnmower. According to ABC 10, the accident occurred in July as a Grover Landscape Service employee was cutting the lawn. The man was operating a John Deere tractor outfitted with a pull-behind mower.

According to Sharon Bear, a spokesman for the Modesto Police Department, the employee observed a corpse in an area he had previously gone through and phoned 911.

The Woman Was Identified as Christine Chavez, 27

Christine Chavez, 27, was identified as the lady. She was pronounced dead at the scene and her body was turned over to the coroner. According to Fox 40, the victim’s family members stated their grief was exacerbated by what they considered a rude, bungled cleanup.

“They left big chunks of her all over the place, just covered up with the grass,” said the victim’s sister Rosalinda.

“We have to go see the place because we wanted some kind of closure, and to be right there, looking at the ground, and then all of a sudden, seeing chunks of her, is horrible.”

“Even when they go and pick up a dog from the street they take more time.”

The Victim’s Family Feels the Irresponsible Handling of Her Remains

Christopher Chavez, Chavez’s father, told the media outlet that he was able to pocket bits of his daughter’s bones, skull, and teeth in the days following her death.

However, the victim’s family feels the irresponsible handling of her remains was due to the victim’s homelessness.

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