A video of a violent confrontation between a group of uniformed Marines and civilians outside a prominent Texas nightclub has gone viral on social media. According to the New York Post, the incident occurred on Sunday outside the Voodoo Room nightclub on Austin’s Sixth Street.

During a verbal disagreement, a lady reportedly stole a Marine’s phone and flung it away, sparking the brawl. A young male wearing a white sweatshirt then rushed up and attempted to strike one of the Marines but missed. Other Marines quickly went to their comrades’ aid, resulting in a full-fledged altercation between the two groups. Marines and citizens exchanged punches and blows, resulting in full anarchy. After landing three blows on a Marine, the Marines knocked one of the guys down.

Bystanders applauded the Marines, who outnumbered the citizens, and screamed ”USA! USA!” as they passed.

Austin Police and The Texas Highway Patrol Came to The Site to Break Up the Brawl

Later, police from Austin Police and the Texas Highway Patrol came to the site to break up the brawl. A police officer is also seen in the footage detaining a citizen who is lying face down on the pavement. Mounted police come at the end of the footage, and sirens can be heard off-camera.

When they saw the video, internet users were horrified and left a range of remarks. While some were concerned about the safety of Sixth Street, others backed the Marines.

”I don’t condone violence. But just maybe, people should learn to respect our armed forces. The Marines are trained like no others.” one person remarked.

”This is why no one should be on 6th Street. it’s chaos & no longer protected by law enforcement unless @TxDPS or military men happen to be in the area.” Another commented.

”The female started it all and the only one of them who looked like he was trying to calm things down got arrested. The lesson is to choose your friends better,” claimed a third.

”The difference is these Marines will have to account for their actions. I think the video clearly shows restraint before action. I hope their CO sees it the same way. ‘Fourth Said.

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