Top Tourist Attractions in Haiti

The Caribbean is a place full of wonders, and in this blog, we shall be looking at one such country, which is named Haiti. This country is full of history, and culture. Needless to mention, the beautiful nature of the place is a sight to see, we shall be also looking at the amazing tourist attractions in Haiti.

Here Are 7 Tourist Attractions in Haiti

 1. Scale the La Citadelle la Ferriere

La Citadelle la Ferriere is probably one of the largest fortresses you will ever see in America. Located on the ridge of Bonnet a L’Eveque mountain, this Citadelle is just a few minute’s drives away from the city of Cap-Haitien.

It was originally built by the Haitian slave rebels, in the earlier part of the 19th century as a visible bulwark to occupying the French. This was also the time when the country was getting independent. Meaning in addition to being one good tourist attraction in Haiti, it is also of historical importance to the locals. Consequently, the castle earned the tag of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Moving on, this castle also provides an amazing hiking opportunity, located just seven miles away from Milot Town.

 2. Experience art at Jacmel

Another pick from the list of UNESCO World Heritage, Jacmel is a place that everyone art lover should visit. This place is located on the south coast of the country, it is just a few miles away from Port-au-Prince, the capital of the country.

This place is full of art boutique galleries, and nearly endless souvenir emporiums, lining the classic streets. You might also end up purchasing multi-colored fruit bowls which are craved out of coconut wood, and eerie Voodoo-Esque trinkets, and reggae-flavored headgear.

You can’t anything less from one of the major tourist attractions in Haiti. However, Jacmel isn’t all about shopping. For this place also has an amazing municipal beach, and promenade, which is full of palm trees, and an amazing serving of seafood.

 3. The Voodoo pilgrimage to Saut-d’Eau

Located in the center of Haiti is the Saut-d’Eau. In addition to being full of tropical greenery, it is also the place where two mighty streams meet. Not just amazing natural beauty, that has this place so famous but it also holds some religious importance for the people of Haiti.

Both the local Voodooists and the Catholics hold this place in high esteem. Thus, it has become a large pilgrimage in the month of July each year. In addition, Voodoo practitioners come to take a dip in the cleansing streams here, during the lady of Carmel festivals.

This is the reason why this place in the middle of the jungle has become one of the big tourist attractions in Haiti. If you are in Haiti, this is a place that you should visit for amazing exploration opportunities, and swimming opportunities too.

 4. Explore the Sans-Souci Palace

In the northern hills of the Country, right by the glorious Citadelle la Ferriere, Sans-Souci Palace is one beautiful mountaintop palatial complex. Now, in a state of ruins, this place was once the seat of Henri Christophe, the king of Haitian, and spearhead of the war of independence against the French invaders.

It was built in the Grandiose European manor-style on top of an old plantation, which symbolizes the Haitian Prowess and superiority over invaders. Needless to say, this place is yet another one that has earned its place to UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is another amazing tourist attraction of the nation. Visitors can also see the spot where King Henri committed suicide in the year 1820. This place is full of history which can take you back to the colonial age.

 5. Hike the Furcy Forest

If you are someone who loves hiking and exploring the wild, this place is for you. Massif De la Seele is the place where the world-renowned Furcy forest is located. Situated down the ridges, and peaks that rise more than 2,500 meters above the sea, his place is just magical.

This place is also quite famous for its pine forests, wooded trails, and needless to say, the amazing mesmerizing panorama which glides above the southern coasts. The sylvan hills are just an amazing attraction that offers a great opportunity to wax up your hiking boots and fall back into nature’s lap.

Thus, this place also offers amazing hiking opportunities. It is located just a few miles away from the town of Jacmel and nearby the remote yet charming Seguin. All in all, Furcy Forest is a place that will make you fall in love again, if you have ever fallen out.

 6. The Famous export at the Barbancourt Distillery

Barbancourt label has more the two centuries of trading history, which is a lot if you don’t know already. Thus, it is naturally one of the most iconic places in the country of Haiti. If you are a lover of liqueur, then you know that it is sold all across the world. And what better way to taste the world-renowned Hispaniola version of this famous liqueur than the place where it is made.

The Distillery is located in the district of Petionville, in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. If you visit this place, not only can you enjoy the world-renowned, the legendary 15-year-old aged rum, among other liqueurs, you can also learn a lot about the origin, and making process of the stuff. This cannot be expected from any common shop.

 7. Unwind in Labadee

Labadee is the magnet to cruise ships, and a favorite of the beachcombers. This little place is a privately owned enclave which is like a heave of sand and sea with sun hovering over it. This territory comes under the Royal Caribbean International Banner.

So, this is the reason why Labadee is one of the best tourist attractions in Haiti. If you are ever in the reach of Haiti, this is the place that you should absolutely not miss by any chance.


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