Burger King’s latest product has created a quite stir in Thailand: A burger with no meat only cheese

When you go to grab a burger, maybe every individual there ask you, “Would you like single or double cheese to go with it?” but what if they only had 20 slices of cheese to go with your burger? There are no vegetables, meat, patties, or anything else. Only two burger bread pieces and 20 slices of cheese.

The Famed Fast Food Franchise’s Thai Location Recently Debuted the Real Cheeseburger

The famed fast food franchise’s Thai location recently debuted the “real cheeseburger” a bun stuffed with up to 20 slices of American cheese. According to CNN, the meal debuted on the Thai menu last Sunday at a reduced price of 109 Thai Baht. It quickly went popular on Thai social media sites, with many TikTok users posting videos of themselves eating this unique burger.

What People Are Saying About This Burger

Netizens went crazy over this new launch, with conflicting opinions flooding in on Twitter.

“A trend in #Thailand is to put cheese on literally everything. Now Burger King has joined in with the Real Cheese Burger. Though I think they forgot the meat. I love cheese but I struggled eating even half of this “burger”. Maybe I should grill the other half? What do you think?”

“Who’s really looking at this and saying i must get it? You’re shoving in a mouthful of gooiness.”

“When the line between AI generated atrocity and real life begins to blur. (This is a real burger sold in Thailand)”

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