A YouTuber’s brand-new Ferrari F8 destroyed after catching fire while filming a video. Cody Detwiler, also known as ‘WhistlinDiesel’, posted a video on his YouTube channel showing the blaze that devoured the sports vehicle, which was recorded in Texas, US.

“The fastest way to lose half a million dollars, My Ferrari is gone,” Mr Detwiler said in the caption of the image, adding, “I regret to inform everyone that my $400,000 Ferrari F8 and rental minivan with only 5,000 miles on it has recently burned down to a pile of ash”.

“This was a complete accident and I originally intended on filming so many more things with the car, but this was a great lesson to do even more crazy things before your car catches on fire. Tis but A Scratch! We will be back Ferrari,” the YouTuber said in the caption.

The Video Begins with Mr. Detwiler Displaying His Car

The video begins with Mr. Detwiler displaying his car while passing across an empty dry cornfield in Texas. Suddenly, his right tire catches fire, and his companions in the van yell at him that his car is on fire. After a few moments, smoke could be seen emerging from the car, and a fire could be seen spreading from one of the tires and from beneath the Ferrari. Flames were also observed gushing from behind a truck that was following the fancy sports car. Both automobiles were quickly devoured by the fire, leaving only a few car parts remaining.

The Video Has Received Over 6 Million Views Since It Was Uploaded On YouTube

Mr. Detwiler stated on the video, “Wow, I just lost half a million dollars. Hard loss but I can’t say what’s going to happen”. “Anyways, it’s OK guys, we’ll recover from this someday,” he continued.

The video has received over 6 million views since it was uploaded on YouTube. Some people claimed in the comment section that Detwiler faked everything and purposefully lit fire to gain views.

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