A social media user titled Mr. VR published the video, describing, “With Vision Pro, you can relax and relieve yourself in your favourite space while wearing your clothes.” In the video, a person enters what appears to be a transparent toilet. The camera shows a glass door that transforms into a virtual screen mimicking a Twitter page. As the man scrolls, the toilet walls transform into a massive display, immersing him in an outside view of mountains and hills. This creative film, which appears to be created using screen technology, depicts an ingenious integration of virtual reality into an ordinary scenario.

The Best Toilet Gadget video becomes viral

The Video’s Surprise Content Went Viral, Garnering Over 2 Million Views

The video’s surprise content went viral, garnering over 2 million views after its original distribution by Mr. VR. Its reach grew even more when computer enthusiast Ben Geskin reposted it, resulting in a stunning 13 million views. This attention demonstrates considerable interest among social media users in the new virtual reality experience featured in the film.

“You will live without a screen in front of you every second of your life. Probably longer,” said one commenter.

“Omg, this is actually brilliant. People can complain that it’s weird, but it’s more hygienic than anything you’re already doing. You’re not actually touching anything,” another user said.

“Basically, you are trying to experience pooping in public,” said a third user.

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