According to CNN, American rapper Doja Cat recently released her brand-new single tune tilted Balut which relates to a Filipino street food staple. After many people asked what the title meant, the singer resorted to Instagram stories to explain it. However, her incorrect interpretation of the song’s message enraged many Filipino fans and caused internet uproar.

”I named the song ‘Balut’ because it signifies a bird that’s being eaten alive. It’s a metaphor for Twitter stans and the death of Twitter toxicity. The beginning of ‘X’ and the end of ‘tweets,” she explained in an Instagram Story.

‘Balut’ Is Composed of a Fertilized Growing Egg Embryo That Is Cooked and Eaten Directly from The Shell

Notably, ‘Balut’ is composed of a fertilized growing egg embryo that is cooked and eaten directly from the shell. However, the bird dies when it is eaten.

Her incorrect answer did not sit well with Filipinos, who labeled it ”culturally offensive.’ Many people resorted to social media to voice their displeasure and call her out for inaccurately displaying their culture in front of the world.

‘Eaten alive? Who eats balut alive? Girl, you don’t need to shame my culture if you don’t understand it.” Another fan explained that ”balut is not eaten alive. It’s already boiled.” One user wrote.

On Instagram Live, She Later Discussed Her Dining Experience

‘Balut was good. It reminded me of the liver. It was almost like you can tell that it’s a small [serving] that is high [in] fat. I can taste the vitamins in it. You just know that [it is] good for you immediately. I liked it. [But] I don’t think I had it properly. It was still warm,” she explained.

‘Balut’ comes from Doja Cat’s upcoming album Scarlet, which is set to be released on Friday, September 22.

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