In today’s world, the majority of individuals are confronting job shortages. At the same time, what would you say if someone simply walked away from a job earning Crores? Well, in America, a similarly disturbing situation has come to light.

In this case, a worker abruptly left a job for Rs 1.6 Crore since he did not like one aspect of the organization. The issue is not one of self-respect. However, you will be astounded to learn the true reason for leaving the position. Read the complete story here-

Amazon Issued an Order for Work from Office

According to Business Insider, the issue is with Amazon. The individual was hired as a Software Development Manager in April 2020 with a salary of Rs 1.69 Crore. Amazon asked all of its workers to begin work from the office in February 2023.

However, the engineer quit his job, claiming that he had purchased a home in New York and was living there with his family. In such a scenario, he has no desire to reside in Seattle, which is four thousand kilometers distant from New York.

The employee informed his reporting manager about this. However, the management began to put pressure on him to relocate to Seattle. Afterward, the New York individual began applying to other companies. Now, this software engineer claims to be working on the same package in another company.

What Amazon spokesman Brad Glasser Has to Say About It

After the website Business Insider declined to identify the name of the source, Amazon spokesperson Brad Glasser has not confirmed the story of any such employee.

“We’ve repeatedly made our position clear: In February, we shared with employees that we’d be asking them to start coming into the office three or more days per week beginning in May because we believe it would yield the best long-term results for our customers, business, and culture,” said Glasser in a statement.

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