Joesthetics, a 30-year-old German fitness influencer called Jo Lindner, was a YouTube bodybuilding star. His friends and girlfriend shared the tragic news on social media. Lindner, who had 8.5 million Instagram followers and over 500 million YouTube views, suffered from an aneurysm on Friday, according to his girlfriend Nicha.

Lindner discussed his battle with ripping muscle syndrome, a rare ailment characterized by excessive muscular sensitivity to movement or pressure, in a recent appearance on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk. He casually referred to it at the time as “cramp”

Nicha Revealed That She Was with Lindner When He Fell Ill

Nicha revealed that she was with Lindner when he became ill by posting a number of images and videos of them together along with an emotional tribute on Instagram

“He was in my arms… and now this is happening too fast,” she said, shocked by the abrupt change of events. Lindner had been having neck pain in the days preceding his tragic death, according to Nicha.

She praised him as a “sweet,” “strong,” and “amazing” person, emphasizing his constant support in her and encouragement for her goals

Noel Deyzel Paid Tribute Including a Photo of the Two Friends Together

Nicha ended her eulogy by asking people to remember Lindner as “Joesthetics.” His friend and fellow bodybuilder, Noel Deyzel, paid tribute, including a photo of the two friends together

Noel acknowledged his affection for Lindner and requested that everyone pray for him and his bereaved family. He added that the news was not a joke, as some may have assumed, and emphasized Lindner’s mother’s want for people to be informed of her son’s death.

In his Insta stories, Deyzel reassured his followers of the news veracity, requesting them to keep Lindner and his family in their thought and prayers. In a subsequent article, he quoted Lindner as saying “‘Keep going, brazzer, do more, work harder.’ That’s what he lived for, pushing others to be their best without expecting anything in return.”

Lindner’s friends and loved ones, as well as the bodybuilding world, Lamented the death of a remarkable and inspiring man who made a lasting impression on their lives


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