On 2nd November, Bollywood’s ‘King Khan celebrates his birthday every year. SRK’s birthday is no less than a grand celebration for his fans. At midnight, these fans gather in front of Mannat, SRK’s home, to wish him well. Fans of Shahrukh are celebrating twice this year. Since Shahrukh starred in the two hugely successful films ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Pathan.’ Shahrukh’s birthday will now be even more spectacular because of a decision made by Netflix and the “Jawaan” makers.

The decision to release ‘Jawaan’ on the over-the-top platform is a surprise for fans of Shah Rukh Khan. The decision was made to release the movie Jawaan on the day of SRK’s Birthday. He will turn 58 this year. His career began with the television program “Fauji.”

‘Jawaan’ will be released on this OTT platform

According to the reports, Netflix has acquired Jawan’s OTT rights. On this day, which happens to be Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday, Netflix is preparing a major surprise for his admirers.

For the past several days, Netflix has been promoting a countdown to Shahrukh Khan’s birthday. There are now just three days left till King Khan’s birthday, according to an update posted on October 30. This post is taken from SRK’s film Kal Ho Na Ho. According to these posts, Jawan will be available on Netflix on November 2, 2023.

Netflix Purchased the Rights of Jawan

The film ‘Jawaan’ was directed by South’s young director Atlee Kumar. The movie featured Shahrukh with Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi. ‘Jawaan’s’ OTT release has been hinted at by Netflix over the previous several days. Finally, on November 2, Shahrukh’s birthday, the movie will be available on OTT. Reportedly, Netflix paid Rs 150 crore for the OTT rights to “Jawaan.”

The film’s duration in theatres was two hours and forty-nine minutes. On the other hand, the OTT version will last for three hours. After its September 7, 2023, release, the movie brought in over Rs 1100 crore in revenue globally.

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