Living in hurricane-prone areas is quite hard and if you are living without preparing it can be a danger for your life as well as for your property. There are so many things you must do to prepare yourself for the hurricane. So how to secure your home during a hurricane, here we are going to tell you some suggestions and improvements which are going to help you in protection against hurricanes.

There are so many ways you can easily protect your shelter with aggressive wind and water. Here we have some suggestions for you which will cover all the areas of your house protection from hurricanes.

How to secure your house for a hurricane?

Below we have added the list of things that can be used for hurricane house protection, have a look at them

  • Shut all the doors and windows and check all of them if required
  • Add big heavy duty bolts to the doors
  • Work on Roof
  • Check for the Joints on the roof
  • Check for the bracing on the roof
  • Add metal roof straps
  • Install impact-resistant roof, windows, and doors in your house
  • Put all your furniture inside your house
  • Trim branches of the trees located within 10 feet of your house
  • Check the footing and substructure of your house
  • Check gutters and clean out the
  • Store your valuable items in any waterproof container
  • Survival kit
  • Have a generator
  • Have an evacuation strategy
  • Pick up the best insurance

Is my house safe in a hurricane? How to check it?

So the worst thing that hit us during the hurricane season –  is my house withstand the hurricane and if it’s not ready for the hurricane how can I make it safe. There are several methods from which you can check that your house can easily beta the hurricane-like check all the windows, doors, and roof of your house if you find any crack or joint breaks make them fix before the season. Look for the foundation of the house and check all the internal errors joint fixtures and try to look at the surrounding of your house and look for the things which can be hazardous for your house. If you haven’t purchased any insurance policy, you must go for the coverage as it will help you face worst to worst situations. Review your policy if you already have one.

How to keep water out of house during hurricane?

There are many things you can do to make sure that you can easily keep water out from your house during a hurricane.

  • Check for the seals and cracks in the bricks, blocks, gaps, and sidings.
  • Seal those windows, doors, and other areas where the cables, pipes, and vents go through walls.
  • You can use sandbags to protect some areas from water.
  • Use the storm shudders and plywood to board those windows and doors in your house.

How you can deal with the water that gets in your house?

So here we are going to tell you the things which can be done during the hurricane when water comes into your house. After all the measures and techniques, you have done and still found out about waterlogging. First, remove all the things which can be affected by water and if you found out that floodwater contains sewage then you must clean the floor to make it free from bacteria. Open up all the walls and remove the insulations and drywall.

Summing Up

We hope this blog helps you in solving all your queries and give you all long-term and short-term suggestions to deal with the hurricane.

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