There are a lot of people who don’t know how to pack jewelry for travel, and they don’t realize it until their value jewels are damaged. To make sure, you don’t become one of these people, we will be teaching you how to take care of your jewelry during travel.

Buy Some Good Jewelry Case

Truth be told, it is much easier, and safer to have a dedicated bag for jewelry than trying to fit it in your luggage. There are several cases available that have a hard shell protecting the item from damage. Plus, there are also roll-style organizers that will store a lot of items in smaller spaces.

You can opt for a case style with a hard exterior if you’re concerned about damage or a soft roll style organizer that allows you to maximize space in your luggage. And since these cases have different compartments, you won’t have to worry about them tangling.

Use Microfiber Cloth to Wrap Necklace

When someone asks us, “How to pack jewelry for travel?”, one of the most common advice we give is “wrap it in a microfiber Cloth’.

Microfibers clothes are quite soft, at least soft enough to not scratch your pieces of jewelry. Plus, rolling the item in one of them will also it jewelry from tangling.

Thread Chains through Straw to Avoid tangling

While this might not sound like a traditional method of packing jewelry, but give it a try. Pass your gold or silver chain through a straw. It will provide some padding, and keep it from tangling. Then you can set it in your bag or one of the organizers.

Use a Pill Organizer to Store Smaller pieces of jewelry

Pill organizers are broken down into small compartments, which makes them ideal for packing earrings, rings, and even delicate necklaces. You can pack multiple pairs of stud earrings or rings in the compartments if they’re large enough, but it’s best to only place one pair of dangling earrings or a single necklace in each compartment to avoid tangling.

Store Expensive pieces of jewelry in a Carry-on Bag

If you are traveling on a flight, it is better to keep your valuable jewelry in a carry-on bag. But keep in mind that when you are carrying something too expensive, it’s a good option if you keep them in carry-on luggage. Since it is less likely to get lost.

Wrap The Jewel in a Soft cloth

The last step of how to pack jewelry for travel is wrapping them in a soft cloth. After this, you can keep it in the center of your bag. This will provide sufficient cushioning, and protect your items from damage.


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