A video of a joyful dog is always a source of joy for many social media users. It’s beautiful to see dogs express their joy in such a wonderful way. A Reddit post with a video of a dog dancing alone and making a pattern in the sand is a great illustration of this.

Doggo dancing and drawing a line in the sand
byu/QuaintMushrooms inAnimalsBeingDerps

The Reddit post’s title says, “Doggo dancing and drawing a line on the beach.”

The video starts with a stunning beach setting and a deep blue sea in the distance. The dog leaps and twirls, expressing happiness with its moves. The dog is also seen creating lines on the sand. The joyful background music that accompanies the clip adds to the video’s allure more.

The Video Came Out Two Days Ago And Has Earned Over 3,200 Upvotes So Far

The video was released two days ago and has earned over 3,200 upvotes so far. It has also received a number of comments.

“Doggo owns that beach,” one Reddit member said.

“More passion, more energy, more footwork,” said another.

“My side. Your side. If I get wet, soggy, or seaweed-smelly, do not follow. I’ll meet you back in your clean car,” a third wrote.

I need an aerial view of the finished product,” said a fourth respondent.

“Oh my god, that’s so cute,” a fifth person said.

“He’s just having so much fun!” said a sixth.

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