South Korean social media has been flooded with videos of individuals eating deep-fried toothpicks fashioned like curly fries. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety intervened after these starch-based edible picks gained popularity.

In a social media announcement, the Ministry strongly recommended against eating fried toothpicks, stating that their safety had not been tested.

“Their food safety has not been verified,” the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety stated in a Wednesday post on the social media platform X . “Please do not eat (them).”

Even the Warnings and Videos of Individuals Eating the Crispy Snacks Gain Popularity

Even with the warnings, videos of individuals eating the crispy snacks, which were typically sprinkled in cheese powder, continued to gain popularity. The trend’s popularity stemmed from its novelty and environmental conscience. Starch toothpicks, which are extensively used in South Korea, are biodegradable, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

However, concerns about potential toxins and unknown ingredients have prompted doubts about the safety of these popular treats.

Videos of toothpicks, a hygiene product, being fried in oil and consumed had gone viral, it noted.

Food coloring is used to give the toothpicks a green color. They are created from sweet potato or corn starch, which are considered environmentally benign and biodegradable materials.

They are commonly utilized in South Korean restaurants and can also be used to pick up finger foods.

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