Cartoon Network Is Merging with Another Network: Cartoon Network and its shows such as Power Puff Girls, Tom and Jerry, and Scooby-Doo are ingrained in the minds of all the 90s kids. As a result, the announcement of the merger between Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers has piqued the interest of millions of people who grew up watching these cartoons.

Media Reports Suggest That Warner Brothers Is Laying Off Roughly 125 Staff

Cartoon Network fans, who are generally dubious of the cartoon that youngsters watch nowadays, are concerned that the merger will reduce the network’s legendary episodes to mere memories. Worse, media reports suggest that Warner Brothers is laying off roughly 125 staff, has previously laid off 82 animators, and plans to eliminate 26% of its personnel. CNS officials, on the other hand, denied the rumors.

Warner Bros animation had previously integrated with several other CNS teams, including casting and programming.

Millennials Took to Social Media to Express Their Affection for The Shows

To cope with the loss, youngsters took to social media to express their affection for the shows they grew up watching.

One user shared a post with a caption on Twitter, “RIP Cartoon Network (1992-2022) 💔.”

Another remarked, “Cartoon Network Studios is being shut down after 30 years and will be merged with Warner Bros‼️.😔”

“Cartoon Network is closing down guys. Only #90skid will understand the loss 💔, wrote the third person”.

Cartoon Network Studios Responded to These Words of Sorrow by Clarifying That the Studio Is Not Closing

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