A dramatic moment when Florida beachgoers came together to help a big shark stranded on the sand was recorded on camera. On Thursday, a group of beachgoers in Pensacola, on the Sunshine State Gulf Coast, noticed a 10-foot Mako Shark washed ashore. They quickly set to work, pulling the shark back to the water and eventually pushing it back into the sea after numerous efforts.

Tina fey, a Texas woman on vacation in Pensacola Beach to celebrate her wedding anniversary with her husband, shot the video. The pair was with friends on the beach when they noticed the shark in the water.

‘It just showed up while we were swimming. I just so happened to beach itself right in front of us. We took action to get him back in the water since the wildlife people and lifeguards told us there was not they could do!! So we did our best to try to save him,” she captioned the Facebook video.

The Video Begins with A Mako Shark Resting On the Shore with Jagged and Razor-Sharp Teeth

The video begins with a mako shark resting on the shore with jagged, razor-sharp teeth while three guys try to drag it by its tail. The males take a step back as the marine predator becomes angry. They re-grabbed the shark’s tail fin when it had calmed down

”Babe, it’s too dangerous, don’t be doing that,” says the lady shooting the incident. As people clapped and yelled, the men ultimately flipped the shark around and guided it back towards the water.

“It was very exciting, adrenaline was pumping for sure, I was scared with my husband being in the water with it.  We knew we had to act fast for a better chance of survival,” Tina Fey told Insider.

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