Robert Downey Jr. is a well-known actor best recognized for his performances as Tony Stark, Iron Man, and other acclaimed characters in the MCU. He had a troubled history, which was frequently brought up throughout his media engagement. While celebrities occasionally have difficult or awkward interviews. Robert got up in the middle of one when asked about his dark history.

Robert Downey Jr. Abruptly Ended the Interview

RDJ battled drug addiction and was arrested many times and spent time in recovery centers. These personal difficulties hampered his work and had a bad influence on his public image.

After All These Years a Clip from The Video Has Just Gone Popular On the Internet

Back in 2015, RDJ was promoting Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, everything went wrong during the British phase of his campaign. The actor stormed out of an interview with Krishnan Guru- Murthy in the midst, subsequently calling him a “bottom-feeding muckraker.” He took a radical move once the interviewer began questioning him about his dark history, which made him uncomfortable. Robert Downey Jr. Abruptly Ended the Interview

After all these years, a clip from the video has just gone popular on the internet, and viewers are reacting by praising Robert for managing the situation after being humiliated in the interview

What People Said About the Video

“The interviewer deserved it. One person wrote, he knew that RDJ didn’t feel comfortable answering the questions and kept on asking, which was really rude.”

“imagine getting all that education and then waste it on making people feel bad and knowing rdj hates you.” Added the second user.

“That wasn’t an interview, that was an interrogation, which the interviewer has no rights to do. He is just trying to start a whole drama around RDJ’s past and see how it backfires!” a third user commented.

“i think its good that he walked out i mean he has done so much and come so far reflecting back on his past was obviously uncalled for and unacceptable so i have a huge respect for RDJ,” said another.

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