A New Hampshire eatery has made a frightening claim ahead of Halloween, claiming that a ‘ghost’ set off its motion detector. According to CBS News, the restaurant also posted CCTV footage of the event, stating that a mystery, smoky thing caused the alarms to go off inside the building.

The video was published on Facebook by the Library Restaurant, which is housed within the Rockingham Hotel in Portsmouth, US. The film begins with a nighttime street in front of the restaurant. It records a fast-moving white object floating over the security camera after a few seconds. Following that, the footage showed police officers reacting to the alarms.

”Our building – the Rockingham – is well known for its ghosts and notably the ones in the Library basement. Last night, for the very first time our motion detector alarms INSIDE the building were set off by this camera motion caught on video in the dead of night outside the window. The motion detectors inside cannot see what the camera outside sees!” stated the Library Restaurant.

”It is not lights from the car – because you can see how others are picked up and there is no horizontal wind blowing. So what can this be? Make of it what you will but this has never happened before! Spooky coincidence for the time of year?”

The Library’s Senior Chef Marc Lipoma Stated, “I Am Not a Pretty Superstitious or Ghost Person.”

Adrienne Waterman, co-owner of the restaurant, told NBC10 Boston that she had seen items ”slip off shelves” but added, ”You can always try to rationalize that kind of stuff.”

However, The Library’s senior chef, Marc Lipoma, stated, “I am not a pretty superstitious or ghost person.”

The Video Sparked Debate on the Internet

The video sparked debate on the internet, with some believing in the paranormal allegations and others claiming it was most likely just steam or fog.

A user commented on the video, saying, ”I have been to the library many times and I assure you that there is a female ghost in the bathroom area in the lower level.”

”Just looks like vapor, like moisture and wind. Weird that it was picked up by the motion detector,”  observed another

”So that whiff of (smoke?) wasn’t just through the air outside, it was also inside the building too? That’s what set off the inside motion detectors? (not the blinking lights or car headlights) correct? That is spooky,’ remarked a third.

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