A Stunning Time-Lapse Video Depicting All Four Seasons in Canada viral online. Rodrigo Inostroza, a Canadian YouTuber shared the video and explained in the caption that he captured a route next to his house for over a year to capture the changing seasons.

Rodrigo Inostroza told Newsweek that he started taking this route behind his house to the grocery store soon after moving in. He was astounded by how beautifully it changed as the season changed. He said “I am a videographer and social media professional, so of course, I thought ‘Huh… transition quickly between seasons would be awesome,”

Time-Lapse Video Depicting All Four Seasons in Canada

The Internet Is Overwhelming with the Short Video

Rodrigo Inostroza recorded the path from Nov 2020 to Nov 2021, he is also shared the video on Reddit where it went viral globally, the whole internet user stunned by this short 19-second video.

“Smooth transition and very immersive. I love this.” One user wrote, “If I did this in Florida it would be a still image.” The second user said. “Beautiful. I could not live somewhere that did not have a season change,” the third user said. While fourth wrote, “This could have all been recorded on the same day in Scotland.”

Mr. Inostroza also Stated that He Intends to Share More Videos Like This in the Future

Mr. Inostroza was overjoyed with the response to the video, he told Newsweek that he didn’t expect people to relate to the clip in their unique ways, said “It was pretty surreal,”

Rodrigo Inostroza went on to say that he plans to share more videos like this in the future. I will upload more footage from these walks on my YouTube channel. Some videos will be short, others will be a lot longer,” he explained.

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