An adult male riding the New York City tube went insane and knocked out a man sitting next to him who had fallen asleep on his shoulder. According to the New York Post, the violent outburst sparked a fight on the train with many people.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media, showing the man yelling and swearing at the passenger in front of him. In a matter of seconds, he becomes embroiled in an argument with the passenger seated next to him. “I speak your f***ing dialect and I know who the f*** you are. Go to sleep someplace … Shut the f*** up already” the man screams.” When the tired traveler responds in whispers, the guy becomes upset and repeatedly smashes his elbow into his face.

The Victim Refused Medical Treatment, And His Companion Did Not Disclose Any Injuries

Authorities said the fight happened around 5:30 AM on the northbound F train on its approach to the Forest Hills 71st Avenue station. The guy yelled at the 27-year-old victim in both Spanish and English for using him as a pillow.

According to the police, the struggle did not last long since the victim and another passenger exited the train as it reached the tunnel system, allowing the attacker to continue traveling on the train.

The victim refused medical treatment, and his companion did not disclose any injuries. The perpetrator has been charged with assault, and police are still seeking for him.

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