Casey Rieger, a notable Los Angeles-based video developer and producer, recently revealed a creative “life hack” employing a bottle of ketchup, which quickly went viral on the internet.


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“OK, I saw someone do this on TikTok, and I thought it was genius. So, I’m going to give it a try,” she remarked at the beginning of her 24-second video, which was posted on her Instagram page on August 30.

“You know when you want the last bit of ketchup-and you just people hit it on their palm,” Rieger added, hitting the closed bottle’s lip with her open hand.

She Rotated Her Left Arm Anticlockwise Seven Times While Holding the Ketchup Bottle by The Base

She rotated her left arm anticlockwise seven times while holding the ketchup bottle by the base. The Ketchup was driven down the bottleneck by centrifugal force, making it simpler to distribute.

“How cool is that, right? How cool is that?” she said to her fans.

Rieger’s instructional video has gone viral video has gone viral, with over 50,000 views, over 2000 likes and countless comments on Instagram.

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