A British UFO Witness Claims That 6-Inch Alien Beings Are Targeting Earth: The existence of aliens and the existence of highly developed alien species connections to major world power like the USA and Israel have long been claimed by conspiracy theorists.

Now a heated debate involving the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) claims that those small green men frequently shown in Hollywood movies could be real.

6-Inch Alien Beings Are Targeting Earth

6-Inch Alien Beings Are Targeting EarthSeveral People Believe That Pocket-Sized Aliens Exist On Earth and May Even Be Planning an Invasion

According to the recent post on the BUFORA website and social media discussions, several people believes that pocket-sized aliens exist on earth and may even be planning on invasion, according to Daily Star.

“We recently received an interesting email at our enquiries desk from someone telling us they had (seen) a tiny humanoid-shaped figure,” BUFORA posted on its website.

The eyewitness who reported the occurrence to BUFORA also stated that the alien had a large head and was about 6 inches long. However, Chris Bonham, a 57-year-old alien hunter, believes these aliens are planning an invasion.

“It sounds like they’ve sent a scout down to check on us, so the next step, presumably, is a full-scale invasion,” said Bonham.

According to BUFORA, 259 UFO extraterrestrial encounters were reported in 2021, indicating that something strange is going on in the skies.

Israeli Expert Admits to the Presence of Aliens

Haim Eshed, a formal Israeli space security commander, oddly stated a few months ago that alien existence is real. According to Eshed. World powers are aware of the presence of extraterrestrial life and there is an underground base where Israel and USA are collaborating with some advanced beings. He also mentions a galactic federation, of which humanity and numerous extraterrestrial species are members.

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