5 Cursed YouTube Videos That You Shouldn’t Watch

Do you want to watch some cursed YouTube Videos? No? the door is back there.

Now, that only real horror junkies are left, let’s talk about cursed videos. There are many of them, some are just hype, and very few are real stuff.

But when you find one of these few, that feeling of beating heart, while you are about to shout for your mom to come to save you is something else.

This is why, we have done the dirty work of watching different videos, and picked the 5 best or should we say “most Cursed” ones.

Warning: watch them at your own risk.
Now, that warning is done, we are not to blame if you have to change sheets in the morning. Let’s dive right into it:



The title of the video is in Mongolian, which translates to “DON’T OPEN YUR EES”. Don’t understand it, we don’t either.
In case, you choose to ignore that warning, the first thing you see in the video is another warning.

Then it cuts to a skinny figure lumping towards the camera. This is quite scary but nothing compared to what comes next in this 2 minutes 24-second-long video.

There are some images of the house, some distortions, a creepy face, and a few seconds pass when you realize you are now watching the POV of a monster walking around a house.

But what’s, even more, scarier is the fact that this monster is inside the house of a sleeping family, with a KNIFE in his hand. We don’t need to tell you what happens next, you are smart enough.

Needless to say, this is one of the supposedly cursed videos, and you can see the effect in the comments.

2. Cursed Deep Web Video


The name itself tells you it’s a cursed video. But species of men never understood the red flags, did we? fair enough.

There is a story related to this video. A man (we rather not name him) was surfing around the internet late one night. This is when he came across a weird website, which seemed a bit off. From that website, he downloaded three videos.

The video mentioned here is one of those three. After downloading it, we open one of the videos. It goes as follows: first, we see a Japanese text, which goes along the lines of bringing harm to whoever watches this video.

Creepy, right? Anyway, the video cuts to an image of a man screaming. The message flashes quite a few times, as the screaming intensifies.

Now, this man leaves the video and goes to sleep, not suspecting anything.

The next morning, he’s sitting in his bathroom, doing what a man does in the bathroom (not what you think). And this is when he hears screaming. For a minute, he was confused but then he realizes that it’s the same scream from the video.

He thought that his wife might be watching the video on his computer. However, he checked this was not the case. Going back to his computer, the man finds out that the website is nowhere to be found on the internet.

Plus, it also disappeared from his search history. The only thing that was still there, were the videos. And we only have access to one of it.



The videos do exactly what their title says. But since when are we horror junkies started listening to the warning. So let’s get on:

This video is quite a mess, to say the least. It starts from a distorted vision of a silver carnivore, whatever that means. Then there is a brief view of a skull set on fire. After which it cuts to the view of a dead body of a woman, in a white dress spinning around.

Suddenly, we are faced with a lady, who has no face, standing between two wind turbines. If this wasn’t already scary enough, screams and people talking inaudibly are going on in the background.

Now the worst of all *Gore Waring* the video shows someone’s mouthing getting stitched shut. See, we already told you it was messy.

But this is all, we see a stop motion animation with a disturbing creature doing something. If you want to know more details, please watch it yourself (at your own risk).

4. Robert the doll messes up my camera! Key West Florida


Robert the Doll, is quite famous on his own. So, let’s not discuss him. (if you want us to do a blog on him, let us know in the comments)

Moving on, Robert is currently housed in the East Martello Museum, along with this dear teddy bear. Sweet right? The only thing is it’s not.

We all know Annabella, there have been many movies about her. Just imagine a male version of her, just 10 times more violent. This is probably an underestimation.

When you go to this museum, you will see there is a warning. It says that you need to ask for permission before taking the picture of him. And yes, it’s an official warning by the museum. Not it’s not a hoax.

You can see the effect in the video, which was taken without permission. It is fully distorted and filled with orbs. But something that will shock you is that the fact that the whole comment section is filled with apologies.

The museum gets thousands of letters asking begging forgiveness, for the doll. (sorry, Robert if this offends you).

Because Robert the Doll can make your life hell. If you watch the video, apologize to him. No, seriously.

5. “The Viral Video”

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRRxkhX7aUc)

Last, but not least, is the video titled “The Viral Video”.

The story behind it is that it was found by a family in their attic. They don’t know where it came from, or who filmed it. and it’s a hell of a video, to say the least.

The first 20 seconds of the video are pitch black, there is nothing. Then a black-skinned man, or demon, or whatever you like to call it, appears. This thing has black skin, and a weird look, but seems distinctly like a human.

However, it is chanting something. It sounds like it’s reversed audio but that won’t be much of a concern, because you are about to experience something much more terrifying. This thing takes out a gun, and *reader discretion is advised* shoots itself. But the chanting doesn’t stop.

Now, there are theories that the chants are commands or messages asking you to do something, bad, very bad. And that is the end of it.

You will find that the link mentioned above doesn’t work. This is because the original video has been taken down. By who, or why we don’t know. And frankly, we don’t want to know.

Bottom Line

Did you like this list of cursed YouTube Videos? Well, well, that’s why we are friends. If you want to see another list of more cursed videos, let us know down in the comments, and we will write another one for you horror junkies. Because what heroes do!

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