Weight gain can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor eating habits, stress, and a lack of sleep. To minimize obesity, it is crucial to adopt healthy food and lifestyle practices. We make many of these blunders in everyday life, and instead of losing weight, we gain it quickly.

Meanwhile, other people follow the proper diet and exercise regimen to lose weight, but the weight does not come off. Have you thought of it? Well, there are some practices that we are unaware of that are detrimental to our general health. According to health experts, we should avoid numerous typical errors that might help us lose a lot of weight.

Here are 3 most common mistakes that we should avoid after having a Meal-

Fruits after Meal

Many people believe that eating fruits after meals is healthy, but experts say it is not. Fructose in fruits raises triglycerides in the body, which is bad for weight and the heart.

Drinking Water Right After Meal

Drinking water just after eating dilutes the stomach fluids and slows down digestion. As a result, the stomach fire turns cool, and the food is not digested. This undigested food lingers in our system, causing acid reflux as well as sensations of burning in the stomach and chest.

No Physical Activity after Lunch/ Dinner

Sitting quickly after eating has an impact on digestion. At the same time, resting shortly after eating inhibits gastrointestinal movement and makes the meal difficult to digest. If you lie down shortly after eating, the food is stored in the stomach. This will eventually result in weight gain rather than weight loss. You should walk at least 100 steps after your meal.

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